Zambia Receives Dresses and Shorts!

Greetings Rachel,
My husband and I have recently returned from Zambia where we shared the many wonderful dresses that you sent to us from Little Dresses for Africa. The dresses were greatly appreciated and resulted in many smiles. I have attached a couple of pictures of girls receiving your dresses.
We shared dresses with two other orphanages in the Serenje district in Zambia — the Serenje Home Orphanage and the Chibobo Orphanage. Also, we distributed your dresses to orphans at the Teta Baptist Church, the Changulube Baptist Church, the Apostolic Church of Kasansha, and to orphans at the Catholic Church in Chitambo. These churches are some of the centers from which the children will come to the Agape Village Orphanage when our construction is completed, which we hope will be very soon.
Thanks, again, for the wonderful mission that you have founded to help little girls (and boys) know how much they are valued by God. Why else would women from so far away be making for them such beautiful dresses?
My husband and I will be returning to Zambia the last week in May and will be glad to transport more dresses if you have others you would like to send to that area. There is always a great need in this poor country. Among the places that we would still like to deliver your dresses is the Hope Center in the town of Serenje. The Hope Center, sponsored from the US, is a feeding station for orphans and is under the direction of a wonderful young Zambian woman named Nyawa Lunga. I know she would be most appreciative, as would the children.
Thanks, again, for your wonderful ministry and do have a blessed Easter holiday.

Blessings and Shalom,
Jackie Bailey
Agape Village Foundation

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