Work Night and Sewing With Nancy Update

Greetings!!!   Don’t forget this Thursday, Jan 28th if you are in the area.  7pm Work night! 

God has once again blessed this ministry.  I am so grateful for the continued interest and increasing blessings!  Yesterday, on the way home from work, I got a call from the Production Manager of “Sewing With Nancy”.  Apparently, all of you have made such an impact on them with your calls and responses and interest, that they have decided to link our site to theirs and more importantly, have asked to be a receiving center for the little dresses and even to MAIL them for us to the addresses we supply.  As you can imagine, the shipping costs to Africa are our great challenge and we are indebted to their generosity.  We will remain true to our goals and still have full control over where they go, and how they are distributed, as well as ensuring that they go in the name of Jesus, at no cost to the villages.  God continues to provide!

Also, coming soon, is a new section on the page which is “Snippets”.  Thank you, Steve, for your help in making that happen.  I am so grateful for your continued support on this and so many other projects with LDFA.  This section is designed to post your comments and stories of how LDFA has impacted your life.  It will be a great way to share the blessings and encouragement with each other.  Stay tuned!

 We just received this email from Malawi.  Wonderful timing!  Thank you, sewers!

 ” Subject: Dress distribution Nsanje Malawi,I wanted to write and thank you for the dresses, toothbrushes, panties, shorts, pencils, and dolls.  What a blessing!!  We were able to distribute two days before Christmas so it was perfect timing.  I love being able to give out the clothing knowing how much need there is and knowing it is touching the hearts of those receiving them.  We distributed in our just finished community center so it was our first official function there.  I will enclose some pictures and just want to let you and your team know how much it means to those receiving the dresses and items sent.  You are a great blessing to us here in Nsanje and Ngabu village.  We gave some to an orphan care home in Bangula.  Tiyamike Mulungu Center.  They were blessed as well.  The pencils were given to a primary school teacher to use for his students.  He teaches in Milinde and is a pastor as well.  We work hand in hand with him.  He is Pastor N.B. Meke.  Thank you for the ministry you provide.  We appreciate it so much and so do all the orphans here in Nsanje.  Thank you for allowing us to help distribute the blessings. With Christ’s love,

Sherry Newton “

 I encourage you to continue to spread the word.  We have 45 states involved now, who have either sent dresses, supplies or donations.  Remember, this ministry can change lives here and across the ocean.  Remember, to get others involved and spread the word.  We are all in this together.  Just last night a friend and I were working on packing and organizing the dresses for shipment.  We had my five year old granddaughter, Abigail and my friend’s son, Cole, helping us by putting dresses in different stacks and boxes.  I heard Abigail say to him, “So, Cole, how do you like being a mission person?”  So cute but trust me, these encounters make long- lasting impressions.  Thank you to all of you “mission” people!

M o r e   i n f o