Thank you to all of you who showed up at the work day on Saturday!  We had a great turn out and got a lot done!  Thanks to Andrew, Edwin and Ebenezer for renting a truck and coming after your supplies to ship to Cameroon.  You were amazing helpers and we are excited for you to receive over 25,000 dresses and shorts and boxes of new shoes and sewing machines, to name a few!  Working together is truly inspirational and we are so grateful for your partnership!  God bless you as your distribute these items to the most needy.  Thanks to Katie Baxter who showed her Lia Sophia line and offered a chance for anyone interested to raise money for their mission trip this summer. Katie is donating her profits from the sales and you can earn a ton of money by hosting a party.  It’s not only fun, it’s profitable.  Contact me for her information.  You can even have a catalog party if you’re not in the area.  Thank you, Katie, for sharing your blessings.  Also thanks to the girl scouts who are great workers and to Alison, their leader.  Special thanks to my husband, who never stops supporting this cause.  He’s simply the wind beneath my wings and I mean it!  He never stops! 

Update:  The fund raiser is well on its way.  Keep June 15, 2013 open for a super time at the Sock Hop for Hope!!!  Also, the sani-panti pattern is now on line.  Use the pattern as a guideline but if you need to change it up, feel free.  I mostly want you to understand how important this ministry is as it helps keep girls in school.  Get your groups involved in this worthwhile and life changing project. 

Team Africa 2013  is moving forward raising money for projects for our August 2013 trip.  Join us.  You are encouraged to give on line to a project or a traveler.  We are once again doing Buckets of Hope, Feeding the children, teaching classes and distributing dresses.  We are raising money for Bibles and teaching material as well.  Join in where you can.  Also, thanks to all of you who continue to sew.  Size your dresses when you can.  No need to put them in plasic bags but group them by small, medium, large and x-large if you can.  It saves us a ton of time.  Also avoid straight pins!  Include a check for shipping costs when you can, but it is not required.  God bless you all for your help!!!!



Pictures of the work day! and a note received from Andrew!

Sent: Wednesday, March 13, 2013 10:49 AM
Subject: More Pictures

 These is last set pictures I took. One things stands out, I meet selfless people who volunteeedr their time and money to give hope to the hopeless in Africa and in other parts of the world.
  Thank you Rachal for sowing this mustard seed which growing rapidly for the good of humankind and to glory of God. Special thanks to Mike, for believing in your vision and mission and standing by you every minute of the day.
 It is always said, behind a successful man there is woman and I think it also true to say, infront of any successful woman, this a man and Mike is  human pillar for Rachal as God Almighty takes charge and control of the rest. Smile.
 May God Almighty continue to bless you, your family and your mission on earth, so that more lives can be touched and more hopes given to the hopeless that the world has almost forgotten.
 Remain blessed in God’s glory as we look forward to welcoming you in my congregation in April and I am sure through God’s grace new doors will be opened for your selfless mission of giving hope to poor on that day.
 Your friend and brother in Christ.
  Andrew Edimo



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