Why Little Dresses?

This ministry continues to amaze me! The question is often asked, “but, why little dresses?” The implication is that dresses don’t stop the spread of AIDS across the continent. They don’t house the orphans. They don’t fill empty bellies. No doubt, this is true.
I say it again and again, that these little dresses go as little Ambassadors to plant in the hearts of little girls that they are worthy. But something very exciting also continues to happen. These little Ambassadors go out and at distribution, we find that they open communication, develop relationships and raise awareness, to the needs of the people of Africa. As a result of your little dresses, exciting projects continue to evolve. In the Village of Thobola, the school master’s house is moving along, slowly but surely. Because of a recent telephone interview in Korea that I was blessed to be part of, we received a donation to help build the house, from Singapore! How exciting is that! As funds come in, we send the money for the next step of building. The foundation is laid and the bricks are being made.

The School Master's House Foundation

We have an account where we can deposit funds, in small measures for each specific step of the way. When mortar is needed, we buy it. When it’s time for the roof, if we have the money, we will buy it. Some of the challenges of building a school or house, long distance, is understanding what is most necessary at the time. I have a trusted and responsible partner in Malawi, who is so faithful in reporting the progress each step of the way. She constantly looks for ways to make money to cover the costs of fuel, to deliver these items to the Village and continue this work. We could not do it without her. Thank you, Naomi!
Because of our relationship with Naomi and the people of this community, bellies are being filled. A feeding program is in place and children are being fed.
There is a tremendous shortage of fuel and our challenge continues to be raising the money for the fuel to get the food out to the villages. Never doubt that your money is being used for the projects that you specifiy. Thank you so much for your continued support!

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