We’re Back From Malawi!

       It is good to be home.  I always have a tendency to write a quick note in “Rachel’s Corner” the minute I get back and then wish I had thought it through a little better.  Now, being back a few days, I find it more difficult when I wait.  The experiences in Africa are so full and so multi-layered, that I find it difficult to articulate what all goes on.  But, with sincere thanks, we have returned.  Five of us went on a rather short (only one week) and quickly planned trip, to accommodate some guests from NBC, who had offered to do some filming.  Always aware of the necessary exposure of this ministry, we couldn’t pass up this opportunity to go back and check on the progress of things in the Village of Thobola. 

     There is no way to describe the feelings as we got there.  This time our group consisted of family, my two brother-in-laws, a nephew, and good friend, Kandyce. To see the school built and bearing my mother’s name, touched all of us in a way that we were not prepared for.  The children are so proud of their school and after recitations, shout in unision, “Nan Ray. Nan Ray POWER!”.   Honored.  We were just completely honored!  My mother would be so proud!  Thank you to all of you who have supported the building of this school. 

The Nan Ray School of Learning

The Nan Ray School of Learning and her students

    Our next big hurdle is the School Master’s House.  The foundation has been laid and we will be raising money to complete that dwelling.  When completed, the government will supply and pay for a certified teacher, so this is a worthy goal!  Donations can be made on this website or checks are always welcome. Be sure to indicate what the money is for so it is applied correctly.  This may be a nice way to honor someone in your family at Christmas.  Notifications are supplied with each donation in someone’s honor. 

     As always, we end with the Game Park.  No one should go to Africa and not experience the game in their natural setting.  This time we ran into a bit of weather so suffice to say, we were extremely grateful to dock after a wonderful game experience.

Two hippos determining dominance for the Hippo Pod

     Thank you all for your continued support.  NBC will be airing the show the week of December 20th.  I’ll keep you posted as it is confirmed. 

Love to you all!


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