Volunteer Opportunities

We would love to have your help!

Join us at the “Love Shack” on 2nd and 4th Thursday evenings at 7pm, where we group, fold and ready the dresses and britches for shipping.  17830 Telegraph, Romulus, MI. Between Sibley and Pennsylvania on the west side of Telegraph.  Bring your friends.  Or let us know when  you’d like to bring your own group and we’ll set up a time.

  • Sew on your own, join a group, or form your own group.
  • Patterns are available on this website or you can use your own.  Any simple pattern is great! Please avoid buttons and zippers are they are difficult to repair in other countries. When you have 10 or 1000, send them to us and we will get them to the children that need them the most.
  • Group by size before sending (please no straight pins!)
  • Enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope and we’ll let you know when they are received. Please allow 3-4 weeks to receive your envelope due to the volume that we receive.
  • Elastic is preferred but if you use ribbons in the casings at the top instead, BE SURE to tack it down or the ribbon comes out and becomes unusable to the children.
  • When mailing your dresses, please do not request a signed receipt from the post office, as it delays our response.
  • Join us.  We’ll help you get started! Let us know if you’d like to share the LDFA story with your church or community group and we’ll do what we can to get a speaker out to you. Out of state speakers are also available if booked well in advance.  Contact us at Rachel@littledressesforafrica.com for more information.

Thank you so much for your help.  We’re going to change the world together…one little dress at a time!


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Dedicated volunteers make the difference!

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It’s especially important to show how men of God step up to serve women and children. Pete, Rod and Scott have served here and across the ocean in amazing ways!

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Mike H and Russ back from Malawi with a passion in their hearts to help.

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