Update on Packing Instructions

dresses in the basement 002I am happy to tell you that this mission has taken on a life of its own!  You are all amazing and it is clear that this ministry has the hand of God on it!  Each day I am amazed to see where the boxes are coming from and how beautiful each little dress is.  Last night at our work night, we had 5 new volunteers.  The group last night counted and worked on 2465 dresses received this month alone.  We will be meeting again next Thursday to finish up. I am seeing an increase in the “britches for boys” and that is also rewarding. 

As we grow, we are learning and it’s time to “tweak” things a bit.  There is no other way to say it:  I need your help!  If possible, when you send the dresses, it would be an amazing help if you could size them.  The sizes are listed on the pattern page on this site.   We are finding that packing them individually in baggies is taking too much room and not efficient when we pass them out in Africa.  So, from now on, we’d like for you, if possible to size the dresses and then roll them in 2 gallon bags.  You can get 12-15 in each 2 gallon bag.  Please mark on the outside for example:  12 size 7.  We do not need you to size the shorts.  Just put as many in a bag as possible and write “shorts” on it. 

If you have questions, please send me an email or call me.  We meet with volunteers to pack these beauties for Africa and the job is becoming overwhelming.  These changes will really help so I thank you in advance! 

Also, obviously, with the increase in dresses received, the shipping costs are going up.  I appreciate so much the checks that are enclosed.  Please know that 100% received goes to cover shipping costs.  You are not obligated to send shipping money but if you do, it’s received with joy.   If there is a way to get your community group or church group involved in raising shipping money, that would be great, too.  I’d be happy to send any paperwork that they need to show this is a non-profit organization.

Love to you all and thanks so much for being on this exciting journey with me!

Love, Rachel

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