Uganda Report

Dear Rachel,

I have just returned from Uganda where I visited our newly supported orphanage. The orphanage is named Home Sweet Orphanage and is located about 6km from Masaka, Uganda. The owner and operator is a man named Robert and his elderly mother, who have been struggling to survive with this home of 50 children for the past nine years. The facilities are very modest with two main buildings on 10 beautiful acres. The campus currently has a non-working well and no electricity, which can be brought into the campus from about a mile away. The children are served a porridge mix for breakfast each day and for those that go to school, they get a modest lunch. As a group, the others end up eating one meal a day. Because of a lack of bunk beds, the children each share with another child on a single bed with no mosquito netting.

Although the home has a night watchman, he was recently attacked in the night and cut severely with machete when he attempted to stop thieves from stealing some mattresses and one child. He is now recuperating, however the incident has left the home now vulnerable and the children very scared at night. Sanitary conditions are poor due to the lack of flowing water from their well, which needs a new pump. They do have several pigs, which they slaughter twice a year, a few chickens and two milk cows. Robert is a good farmer and has developed a crop of maize and beans, which he and children tend throughout the month giving some additional food source. The children have access to the local clinic, which does provide them with a fairly regular means of seeing a nurse for any ongoing conditions. International Housing Relief will be developing a program of relief for Home Sweet Orphanage to consist of supplying all the needed items on campus such as: funds for food, new pump for the well, electricity for the campus, new dorms for the children, new bunk beds with netting, campus perimeter security fencing, a new latrine with flushing toilets, additional cattle and chickens and campus lighting.

 It is our goal to eventually make a considerable physical impact on the campus allowing for adoption of numerous more homeless children. I will continue to post results at So, as you can see, when I was able to bring 5-6 new dresses for each HSO girl, it literally boosted moral of the entire orphanage. Although most of the clothes were for the girls, I was able to take a few shorts for the boys. I told them that they would get the lion share of the clothes next time I came. As I suggested to your before, it would be wonderful if LDFA could develop a shirt for boys and continue to make shorts for the boys as well. I am attaching the photos that Robert just sent me and you are free to post them in any fashion. Smiles tell the story as these children of all ages saw me pile many dresses on the table for them. Due to limited additional bag space for our flight, I was not able to ship nearly all of what you sent me, but the balance will be taken to them in December when we return. Our company, International Housing Relief has landed some government housing projects that will drive revenues from which profits will be used in Uganda for schools, churches, clinics and orphanages. We were thrilled with the results of this trip and plan on placing at least one housing manufacturing plant in Mbarara, Uganda with a possible second site in Hoima, Uganda. Thanks again for the dedication and results of Little Dresses for Africa. Just like our vision, you started from nothing and have grown to a highly results-successful operation and I just pray that you will continue to have clothes available for many years to come.

As we develop our work there in Uganda and possibly around the globe, we will continue to request clothes be supplied for more and more children. As a result, I can only hope that our relationship will continue to grow. Bless you Rachel in your work for the children. I’ll let you know when I need more boxes sent. If you ever run into additional support items and/or funds, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks. Bill McCloud

M o r e   i n f o