The Nan Ray School Opens in Malawi!

I have just returned from Malawi with my side-kick, Conne, with a great report. The Nan Ray School of Learning, named in honor of my mother, a life long educator, has been officially turned over to the government for opening. We are indebted to the help of Save Widows and Orphans Foundation and Naomi in particualr for her dedication and hard work in overseeing this project to completion. Conne and I were excited to paint the alphabet and shapes and the Malawian flag on the walls of the primary school and to see the school supplies that you donated ready in the container to support the learning of the students.

We understand from Chief Masaka that over 15,000 dresses were distributed throughout the district and we saw the maize stored in the container for the “hungry months” when the rain begins. We checked on our sponsor child, Janet, and her family to find them in good health and high spirits.

It was a great day of celebation with all the Chiefs in attendance as well as the diplomats that were invited to attend. We were entertained with songs and skits and speaches.  We are grateful to have been able to attend and we want you all to know that each of you played an intregal part in this day of celebration. Without your hard work and dedication, it could not happen.

Please know that your continued support is absolutely necessary for these projects to continue.  We will be announcing our next big project soon that we were investigating while in Malawi.  We think it will be an exciting venture that you will be excited to support.

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Enjoy the pictures!!!!




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