The Big Dinner

The BIG DINNER 11.12.16

The BIG DINNER 11.12.16

Registrations are going great for The BIG DINNER.  It’s so exciting to see groups from all over the world signing up to host the biggest dinner party around on Saturday, Nov 12, 2016.  On 11.12.16 we are going to transform TWELVE villages in a single night.  We have South Dakota, Georgia, New York, Arizona, Michigan, California, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Florida, Connecticut, Kansas, Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, Illinois and Warsaw, Poland and Cheadle, United Kingdom!  And we’re just getting started.   Check out the Connection website for frequently asked questions (FAQ) and REGISTER today!  I’ve been asked what we will do if we raise more money than we need for 12 Villages and I have to say I hope we have that “problem”!  We will build as many as we can afford.

LFDA Connect is for Ambassadors.  Ambassador, by definition means “a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity.”  So many of you have volunteered to go to a whole new level to help us make things happen for the children across the ocean who need us so desperately. As interest rose all over the world, it became obvious that it would be more efficient to have collection/distribution points in other countries as well as the USA.  Outstanding volunteers began to emerge from different countries and request to be collection/distribution centers on behalf of Little Dresses for Africa.  By working together across the globe, our combined efforts allow us to impact more lives than we could by working individually and in a more timely manner. We are so excited to connect with our Ambassador and so grateful for their dedication to our ministry. Together, we are changing the world, here and across the ocean, one little dress at a time. If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador for LDFA please register at

We’ve been receiving a lot of great pictures back.  I hope when you take a look you’ll see the smiles that you are delivering and the tangible hope that you are sending with your beautiful little dresses.

Thank you so much for all you do! Don’t forget to get your copy of Send Down, our very own theme song!

Love, Rachel







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