Thankful in 2014 and beyond!

As we near our Thanksgiving Day here in the USA, I remain so grateful to all of you who are making a difference in the lives of so many.  I set out to take a few dresses to a small village in Malawi, never dreaming of how this would grow.  There was a major problem:  I don’t sew! But we joined together.  Every one of you has played a part in this tremendous success.  You have done this!  YOU!  When you sew, when you box things up, when you donate on line, when you attend fund raising events, or donate quilts or auction items, when you write a word of encouragement, when you share this ministry with others…YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  Thank you so much.

Since this began we have sent well over 3 million dresses and also britches for boys, shoes, sewing machines, toys, tools, 2 containers, 2 wells, a primary school, school master’s house and toilets, a soccer field, a distribution center, brides dresses that provide an income, and so much more!  It’s amazing.  2015 brings even more opportunity.  We will be drilling our 3rd well and opening it when our team goes to serve in March 2015.  We have a dream called 1,2,3…GO!  This dream is to go into Village after Village and bring: 1.  Clean Water.  2.  Primary School  3. Multi-purpose building for community activities, worship, education…and then GO to the next Village.  We’ve done 3 major things in Thobola and we’re on target to do 3 major projects in Mataka.  This is a big undertaking but for $60,000 or so a Village, we can impact a community for YEARS to come.  We take our time.  We do it in phases, and we keep in touch with our projects by visiting the sites personally and helping them to be accountable to our gifts.  We work with locals and provide jobs.  And we do this because YOU decided you wanted to make a difference.  These dresses are the Ambassadors as we go to Africa and offer hope.  “We’re not just sending dresses, we’re sending hope!”  Thank you and have a grateful Thanksgiving!

Love, Rachel

Be sure to stay tuned for ways to give this Christmas. And thank you to all of you who have donated to the Lillian Shipping Fund.  Lillian’s dresses are on the children and we will plan to take her 1000th dress with us in March!


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