Taken from The Back to School with Laura the Elephant book Aug 13, 2011

Below is the page taken from our book.  Please be sure to take a look at the fund raiser page to acknowledge our generous sponsors!  Those listed sent a check to help cover the costs of the day.  There are countless others that donated baskets, quilts, goods, services and all kinds of gift certificates for our Silent Auction.  I am indebted to all of you!  Thank you!


We are so grateful for all the help, not only today, but throughout the year.  Special thanks to the “faithful Thursday group” that folds and packs the boxes for shipping.  Thank you to Chad, Tina and David for providing the awesome Metro sound…to The Market for providing the food and set up… to Duncaroo for the help with the tents and chairs.  Thank you to Conne everything she does all year long!  Thank you to Carol for organizing the Silent auction and for all of you who contributed items.  Thank you all, for coming out, and for your continued and amazing support.  On behalf of all the children whose lives will be affected by your generosity…Zikomo! 

In three short years, Little Dresses for Africa has grown from a small little dream to take dresses to some girls in a village, to a National 501c3 non-profit, reaching well over 330,000 little girls, and now “britches for boys” as well. As a result of being featured on the Making a Difference Segment with Brian Williams, on NBC’s Nightly News, groups continue to form in all 50 states across the USA. This modest little ministry has ignited churches, communities and groups in all 50 states, as well as Canada, and Mexico, to sew and send these little dresses with their own mission teams, as well as sending them to us for distribution. In addition, we are excited to announce that we have just made a connection to collect and send them out of Australia, as well.

These dresses go as little Ambassadors to plant in the hearts of little girls that they are worthy.  The distribution gives opportunity for many projects to take place such as Vacation Bible schools, lessons on nutrition, clean water and sanitation, and “Buckets of Hope” which are distributed to the Widows and those suffering from AIDS.  All of these, and many other projects, are done in the name of Jesus, to bring hope. And it continues to spread:  In Cameroon, West Africa, sewing machines and material have been shipped, and a Little Dresses for Africa sewing project has begun, where sewing is taught, by using the little dresses pattern and using the “Make 2: Sell one. Give one” model.  This gives many African women a chance to not only make a living, but help others at the same time.

As a result of your support,  The Nan Ray School of Learning Primary School has been built in the Village of Thobola, Malawi, East Africa.  Over 450 children are receiving food and an education because of your generosity.  The proceeds from today’s event will go toward the cost of shipping a 40ft container to the school, full of school supplies, text books, playground equipment and thousands and thousands of dresses for the surrounding community.  I am humbled by your help.  I am excited by your enthusiasm, and I am grateful for your presence here today.  Thank you so much and as they say in Malawi, “Mulungu Akudalitseni”!  (God bless your good works!)



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