Taken from a blog out of Minnesota. Thanks, Janie!

Below is a portion of a blog sent to me.  The pictures attached are simply some of the cutest I’ve ever seen.  With permission, I have attached these for your enjoyment.  You don’t get cuter models than these!  Thanks, Janie, and thanks sweet little models!

“In October, I and a team of seven others from our area will travel to Africa. We will represent seven churches, as well as a grass roots local movement called Our Response. Our Response is committed to funding the work of World Vision in Kivuruga, Rwanda. Individuals and churches in our community are linking hands to make a difference in a far away part of the world. I feel very honored and excited to be a member of this team. We sense that there is life-changing impact ahead for all of us in this venture.

At our first meeting I became aware of  a separate ministry that has attracted women both locally and nationally, one that provides dresses for little girls in places of need. It is called Little Dresses for Africa. Basically, women across the nation are sewing up an on-line dress pattern that has resulted in thousands of dresses for girls in a variety of countries.

I used to love to sew, but for years it hasn’t seemed very practical. So other than a hem here and there and maybe a handful of small projects, my sewing machine has seen precious little use. But I couldn’t resist downloading the free dress pattern and oiling up the old machine. I can testify that these dresses are cute, quick, and easy. So easy that it would be a great first project for someone who would like to learn how to sew!

Jashley is the first little girl to try on one of my finished products. Since I had already made up a bunch of these simple frocks, I was relieved to see that they fit beautifully!  Jashley is the youngest daughter of my friend, Renee, who–along with her husband–recently adopted Jashley and her eight siblings. They joined two other sisters adopted from the same orphanage a year and a half earlier!

Jashley was the sweetest little model and so cooperative! I could have photographed those big brown eyes all day!A couple days later I had another dress ready and another model! Abby is the daughter of one of my son’s high school classmates. She is also the granddaughter of Pam, one very special person over the years in the life of our family.

Abby is perfectly suited for clothing headed for Africa because her daddy is from Cameroon. I hope this garment puts a smile just as happy on the face of a little girl in Kivuruga. Our team is going to take as many dresses from our area as we can gather!”


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