Sweetest letter from Malawi!

Below is an amazingly sweet letter of gratitude from Malawi.  I do not share it because it came to me, but I share it because it is to all of you!  I represent all of you who sew for these children and who send this relief.  If you ever wondered if you make a difference, wonder no more!  Our sister from Malawi, expresses so well, the hope and the reassurance that is felt when these boxes are recevied.  Thank you, on behalf of the children, on behalf of the care-givers, and in the name of Jesus, for all that you do for the most vulnerable: little girls!  

Have a great weekend.  Love, Rachel

Dear Rachel,

 Honestly I have run out of words, I can not imagine the heart that God gave you. You are able to help even those you have never seen. Blessed are those hands that giveth and than those that taketh.

 Rachel I have receive the box that you sent me. As I am writing you I have it with me. To me it is a miracle. There is a verse in the bible which says God make a way where there is no way. To be honest I never expected such a thing to my opharns. You know sometimes I could seat down, look at the kids shed tears thinking of what can I do to help these poor little souls. Sometime I could look at a child, his stomach safeguard by ribs you can count. Naked kids, I could look at his/her face older than his/her age. I then could cry that what can I do. I sometime could have un unswered questions, to say why did I start this thing that I can’t manage to help. But something could tell me God will make away which indeed He has.thanks God my kids will never walk out naked again.

May God bless Naomi also for the good heart that she has, by introducing me to you. Rachel I salute you. I will keep on praying for you and I wish you prosperity so that African children should benefit from you. I will tell the children (opharns) that from today stop worrying, God has given them a mother and her name is Rachel. You are a mother to many. When giving out these dresses I will take some pictures so that you can see the kids. I only want to organize shorts for boys then I will give them.

May God bless you abundantly. Bes

M o r e   i n f o