Swaziland Thanks LDFA

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ATTENTION: Mary & Dan Loomis
As the Anglican HIV & AIDS Programme – which is under the Anglican Church in Swaziland (Southern Africa), we would like to pass our sincere appreciation for the wonderful little dresses we got from our fellow brethren and funders from IOWA(USA). Stephanie and Terry Shively and a group of 8 Iowans were visiting Swaziland between September and October 2011.
They were here on another mission but indicated that they got little dresses and little brochures which had a story about the little dresses – from their post, which were to be sent to their destination in Africa.  Thank God that destination was our church, which helps in feeding orphaned and vulnerable children, care for those who are sick from home(bedridden),  most of whom suffer from HIV & AIDS as well as other programmes which deal with the prevention of the virus, including chlorinating water for rural folks – so
 it can be safe for drinking.
We were so excited when we saw those pretty little dresses, knowing very well what a great difference this would make to the little girl’s lives. I know you think “these are just dresses” but to these poverty stricken children, these dresses mean so much, you should have seen the excitement on their faces. Thank you so much for contributing in putting a smile on these childrens’ faces, it really means a lot to us and thanks for the card. May God Almighty bless you and make your organisation grow from strength to strength while you continue with your mission.   Attached are some of the places where the dresses were donated.
Yours in Christ
Philile Ndlela – Hlatshwayo
Anglican HIV & AIDS Supervisor 
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