South Africa

It is very rewarding to send dresses and hear that they were well received.  It’s even more rewarding to have groups go back and want to repeat the experience.  Below are pictures that were sent to South Africa in 2011 and now another group will take even more when they return in 2014.  Thank you for all your help!  Ask your mission groups if they would be willing to take dresses and britches and we will get them to you!  God bless! Rachel


November 2011 – Jen Ludlum and Sue Rehmus made their first trip back to visit Missionvale Care Center since they lived and worked there in 2008-09.  Through a collaboration with Little Dresses for Africa (a non-profit based out of Michigan) they were able to deliver 200 beautiful dresses to the little girls of the Missionvale Township. (South Africa)




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