Snippets from Michigan, New Jersey…Ohio…Hawaii…. and on and on… Thank you!

Enclosed you will find 17 little dresses.  Thank you all for giving us a way to be part of this wonderful outreach.  God Bless!

Paul,  Vassar, Michigan



…I had great fun making these dresses and will send more.


Hilo, Hawaii


Thank you for the opportunity to bring joy to the little girls.  I look forward to making more dresses in the future.  I have enclosed a self addressed envelope if you would let me know you have received them and my donation to help mail them. 



These dresses were sewn by volunteers organized by the NuStar Asphalt Eastern Regional office in WEst Deptford, New Jersey.  Thanky ou for giving us a means of spreading hope and love to the little girls who will receive these dresses.


New Jersey


What a wonderful experience!  Your organizatino is a blessing to so many.  May God bless you

Kirsten, Ohio


This is my 4th year of having the privilege of sewing for LDFA ministry!  It has been a blessing to me to combine my love of Jesus, sewing and children in such a wonderful way.  yes, it’s all in Jesus’name.   Sixteen of these 21 dresses were made by a local Mormon group of ladies as part of the Relief Society work, after I told them about your ministry…

…Thanky ou for being used by Jesus who in turn gives me a way to serve Him and His children.  May God richly bless you all.

Erin and Dan, San Louzo, New Mexico


Thank you so much for the opportunity to put our abilities to work on such a great project.  The congregation at Calvary Baptist Church was made aware of the Little Dresses for AFrica project last fall by a visiting missionary.  I decided to try to organize and get some dresses and shorts made… Again, thanks for organizing this project, so helpful to so many.

Clare F.

M o r e   i n f o