Singapore! and Maple Grove, MN and more

Sorry that we have not been sewing for a long while.  I managed to start again and here are the dresses.  I hope this small contribution will bring joys to some little girls in Africa.  “We are sewing dresses and sending HOPE.”   God Bless

Sharon Han, Singpore


May God bless the children that wear these dresses.

Faith Lutheran Ladies, prescott, MI


I enjoy sewing and knowing that some little girl will get one of these dresses makes it even more enjoyable.  I appreciate the opportunity to do this.

Janet, Woodstock, IL


Enclosed is our donation totaling $604!  Our god chicks Bible study group was proud to make 129 dresses and donated shipping costs to cover them.  We are so proud of our little dresses that last sunday we displayed them in church to show our congregation what we had been up to.  They were moved to gice a love offering to help with the shipping of even MORE dresses.  God has blessed us above and beyond and we are happy to be able to share the love.

Looking forward to what you hae planned for 2014.  We will be watching the website.

Maple Grove, MN



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