Sewing With Nancy

I had the opportunity to be interviewed by a wonderful and generous woman, Nancy Zieman, of “Sewing with Nancy”. The interviews are listed below in two parts. Feel free to listen to them or pass them on to others. We continue to have an overwhelming response to the interviews as they are shown on Public TV all over the United States. I have to tell you, Nancy’s staff is amazing and her generosity is unmatched. She has not only volunteered to be a collection center for dresses, but she also has volunteered to mail the ones she receives. She and her amazing staff have sent over 8,000 dresses with another 2,000 ready to go out to addresses that we provide. This has been a tremendous blessing to us and we can’t thank her enough. Please check out her website and consider her a real partner in helping us help the children of Africa! Love, Rachel

Rachel O’Neill Part 1

Rachel O’Neill Part 2

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