Sewing Across America

We have a incredible network of people who help to make this ministry a success!  There is hardly a day that goes by that I don’t receive a box from somewhere across the USA  and even one from the United Kingdom  filled to the brim with beautiful little dresses as well as some lovely dresses from Australia!  It never ceases to amaze me how each one is different and you can just feel the love as you go through them.  Thank you to all of you who host sewing groups, sew on your own, package and size them and box them up to get them here so we can get them to the children.  I stand amazed at your generosity! God bless you all!

Covered up in love
Covered up in love

One of my favorite stories when we were first getting involved with the Orphan Center in Ntcheu, Malawi concerns a real “God thing”.  My husband and I were having dinner with some really close friends and I was bringing them up to date on how things were progressing.  I told them I felt like I had asked so much of everyone already but that a friend, Anita Emery had offered to sew all 27 curtains for the care center if I could come up with the materials.  I remember Kelvin and Amy looking at each other.  Apparently after his mother had passed away they had decided to tithe a certain amount back to a charity of some kind that would honor his mother.  His mother, Maxine Brown,  had always had a heart for Africa and also for children and it was especially fitting that the money go to curtains since privacy was a very important commodity to Maxine.  We all knew instantly that the curtain challenge had been met.  This is a good example of how things are provided for this ministry right when we need them.  Before I had even had time to worry about it the answer was provided and in a way that honors not only God but each other as we help the vulnerable.  God is with the poor and we know that.  We all felt excited that day as we saw how God provides through us.  Attached are pictures of Maxine Brown’s grandchildren.  We honor Maxine today for her fine example and the desire she instilled in her son to serve others.

Avin and Justus show curtains sewn in their Grandmother

Avin and Justus show curtains sewn in their Grandmother's honor

New curtains throughout donated by Kelvin Brown
New curtains throughout donated by Kelvin Brown Avin and Justus show curtains sewn in their Grandmother’s honor. 

Curtains for the orphanage sewn by Anita Emery

Curtains for the orphanage sewn by Anita Emery

 Lamb of God, Spartanburg, S.C.  has helped us with some beauties! 

Dorothy and Martha, Spartanburg, S.C.Mary Jo, Carolyn, Pat and Martha from Lamb of God

Mrs. Kovach

Ms. Kovach's class, Belleville, MI

Ms. Kovach

Ms. Kovach's class at Edgemont Elementary class helps LDFA

Thank you to the teachers out there who are teaching kids to help others!   Way to go!

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