Reminders are SO good!

         I had to be reminded, again, last night!  

         Lots of exciting things have happened in the last few months.  We raised the money for the container to be shipped.  We collected supplies from so many of you. We were given warehouse space, from Jason Stevens at Material Processing, to store the treasures.  We purchased the 40ft container.  We loaded the container and now the container is shipped.  Meanwhile, we were given an amazing deal of a facility, now whimsically referred to as “The Love Shack”, because we outgrew my basement, and the ladies need to be able to meet when I’m at work, in order to keep up with the generous number of boxes that arrive each day.   A team of 12 committed servants are moving forward on their plans, shots and deposits to go to Malawi in April 2012.  All of this is great!  Right?

        So, no reason not to move forward in faith.  No reason to not rest assured that all is well. Then someone tell me, please, why do I need to be reminded?   All of this has come together in God’s timing.  These are all big projects in and of themselves.  We are moving forward and God continues to provide.  But, the need is so vast, and the closer I get to April and to our trip to Malawi, the more I see those little faces.  I remember them lined up, like sardines, in the hundreds.  I see the afternoon Chi and bread run out and the little faces that don’t even cry.  They’re used to it.  They accept that they just don’t get any bread that day.  But, I can’t accept it.  I see in my mind, the great need of the Widows, as they literally face each day, not knowing what they will be able to feed their families that day, and then we arrive with the Buckets of Hope.  I picture the hundreds of children gathered in groups, singing and learning about Jesus.  Will I have enough crafts for them?  Can each of them have a crayon this year?  I think about the Pastors that will walk for miles to come and see us, and beg us for a Bible.  Will we have enough for all of them? 

      But then, last night, once again, I was reminded.  There is no doubt that God puts people, places and events in our lives to guide us, and assure us of His plan.  My friend said, “why are you second guessing yourself about the new facility?  You know it’s a deal that can’t be beat!  Why are you worried about the projects you are wanting to do?  Have you forgotten that at one time, all you wanted was to take was a few dresses back to the Village?”   Well, I have to admit, maybe I did forget for a minute.  Maybe these words were necessary to remind me that this is not my ministry.  This is not my plan.  From the very beginning, God’s hand has been on this ministry and has led us faithfully to where we are today. 

     And so, today, I am once again grateful for His provision.  I am grateful for what He continues to accomplish through all of us. I am grateful to each of you that have caught the vision and continue to sew for these precious children, and continue to provide for the projects.  And I am grateful for friends who remind me that we all go as servants, to accomplish His will not ours.   Please continue to pray for this ministry.

      Love, Rachel

 Our new home!  We will be setting up times in addition to our 2nd and 4th Thursday nights at 7pm, so that we can stay ahead of the generous repsonse from all of you.  Don’t stop sewing.  We will NOT run out of children and the more people hear, the more groups contact us to be blessed by these dresses.  We are over 560,000 little dresses given to plant in the hearts of little girls that they are worthy!  Way to go!!!!  Blessings to all of you!!!

M o r e   i n f o