Presbyterian Women of Radford, VA

Presbyterian Women (PW) is the national women’s organization of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). With a history of more than 200 years and more than 300,000 members, PW is organized at all levels of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).One of the purposes of PW is “to reach out to care for others, as we share, nurture, and heal. Presbyterian women offer their gifts and talents in the midst of the global community.” “Together in Service” is the PW hands-on mission opportunities program and is an ecumenical mission partner with “Little Dresses for Africa.”The Presbyterian Women’s group at Fairlawn Presbyterian Church in Radford, Virginia, USA, learned about an opportunity to help women and girls worldwide through the Presbyterian Mission Agency “Together in Service” website ( and “Little Dresses for Africa” website (
The women pooled their talents and love for helping others and spent the several months making “Little Dresses for Africa.” This activity brought a lot of interest among the congregation as well as the community which donated pillowcases, fabric, and embellishments. Even a manager at a local hotel donated several dozen new pillowcases. “How many dresses have we made?” was the first question the women asked each other on Sunday mornings prior to Worship Service.In April, approximately 21 women of all ages, some who sewed and some who did not know how to sew, came together and spent the morning finishing the dresses, pressing, and putting on embellishments.
During lunch, the women talked excitedly about the dresses and how they hoped the little girls who receive the dresses would feel the love that went into the making of each dress. We plan to check the photos on the “Little Dresses for Africa” website often to see if we can spot the dresses we made.Final count of the dresses was 200! One women who was so moved by the idea of helping little girls have hope made 98 dresses herself. During a recent Worship Service at Fairlawn Presbyterian Church, Pastor Allison Unroe blessed the little dresses and prayed for a safe journey as the dresses are distributed around the world.
Submitted by Diane Patty on behalf of the Presbyterian Women’s group at Fairlawn Presbyterian Church, July 2015
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