Pictures from Malawi April 2016

Rachel and Theresa Kachindomoto April 2016A relatively short but fantastic visit to Malawi resulted in amazing plans for the team going in August 2016. The vision team went to meet new villages for our upcoming trip. One was the home visit of Senior Chief Theresa Kachindomoto, in the Dedza District of Malawi. Amazing does not touch this woman! She has answered the call to put an end to child marriages. Her decision is not always a popular one but she stands steadfast in her conviction. She welcomed us where we shared our story and listened to hers. It was immediately apparent that our goals to honor girls and young women were directly aligned. We will be installing a well in one of her villages and hope to work with her in providing living quarters for the girls that she has rescued and returned to their schooling. We were able to provide her with dresses, shorts, shoes, wheelchairs, medical and school supplies from our Distribution Center. What a wonderful day! I can’t wait to know her better. Another wonderful day was in the home village of Jimmy Chikombe, who we met through the Muvuu Game Park. His father and the Head Chiefs welcomed us with a day of song and dance. We shared our lesson self-esteem with our friend, “Zelda, the Caterpillar” and distributed thousands of dresses, shorts, sani-pantis to all ages. We also promised them a well to provide clean water to over 3000 people. We will be going back in August to know them better and see what else we can do to help. So many wonderful things on the horizon and they will happen because of your efforts, especially through the upcoming BIG DINNER on 11.12.16. Stay tuned! Enjoy the pictures!

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