Parts of notes from Uganda. Love it!!!! Keep up the good work, Sewers!!!

…  Little Dresses for Africa was very generous.  I wish you could have witnessed the scene when we gave the dresses to Paul, who is the principal of a nearby school and the head of a small orphanage.  We were unpacking all the dental equipment and had been tossing the dresses into a pile, intending to fold and sort them later.  Paul came by and when he saw the pile of dresses, he collapsed on them, crying out something like “Oh, thank you, most merciful God!  Thank you, thank you.”  Then he turned to us and said “You have no idea how many naked Ugandan children I see daily.  Thank you for bringing this clothing for my people.”

So, thank you to the women who do all the work.  It was an honor to deliver the dresses and shorts to someone who will make sure that people who need them will get them. 

Linda Webster

Executive Director

 And another note!!!!  Thank you Peg, Diane and Southeast Christian ladies to your help! 

….we did give out the gifts of the dresses  to the little ones around Esther
house. this was on sunday when most of them gather  at home to learn and
share with those at Esther’s house the love of JESUS. we had not told them
before how GOD has blessed them, so that evening, their hearts were filled
with great joy! Another miracle in their lives! and guess what?

After sending them home, many, many visitors flocked in!
who are they? The guardians and mothers to the children whom GOD blessed
that evening.
it was a miracle, and out of that we now have may friends and more
opportunities of sharing GOD`S love with them.

 We have been able to take photos for some of the children who receiving
the gifts  as attached.

 Thank you robin, Linda and all the women whom GOD has used to be a
blessing unto us here and may HE continue to keep and bless you.
 All the children send their love
Paul, robin Mary and Irene

M o r e   i n f o