October Eat, Drink & Be Scary Pictures are here!

Once again thank you for your unbelievable support for this year’s fund raiser. Enjoy the pictures. The Costumes were great and the energy of the night was amazing as we join together to help the most vulnerable. It is a necessary thing to raise money, and we had some fun doing it! The auction items were great! The checks keep coming in and we are so grateful. We are growing tremendously and so is the need. Our total raised to date for this event is $11,488. This will do a tremendous amount of shipping and bless a lot of little girls and boys.

When you look at the pictures, you might see some witches or a monkey in a vest, or a Queen. Maybe you’ll see a 20’s Flapper or a clown. But, when I look at these pictures, instead of a clown, I see my dear friend who has made over 5000 dresses. I see my sisters who drove up from the south, my sisters who support us at the Love Shack with their tireless devotion. Instead of a monkey I see my co-workers who attend these fund raisers and continue to support the children through these events. I see little southern belles all the way from Lansing and my friends that have gone with to Africa. Each person that attended or supported this event means the world to me and I want you to know how sincerely grateful I am for each of you!

I am leaving on Sunday, November 18th to be in Malawi for the opening of the Nan Ray School of Learning. This is another way that you have blessed a community with your generosity. I will be taking little dresses and shorts, pickle balls, underwewar, babydolls, tote bags for the widows. While there, Conne and I will be organizing the items for the school opening, filling shelves with your items, stenciling letters and numbers on the wall to help with teaching and much more. It will be a quick trip but we are excited to be part of it and I will bring back a full report. Your prayers are appreciated.

One more thing: I want you to know that the money raised for the school is separate from the money you send to ship dresses, or for Buckets of Hope or the feeding program. We are diligent to keep these programs funded separately unless you state to use it whereever it is needed. Thank you so much for all you do.

Love and gratitude,