November Already??!!!!!

It’s hard to believe that it’s November but we continue to stay busy with the dresses that come in and now thankfully are going out at a nice steady rate.  We have four boxes that left this morning for Uganda to a Christian organization called SOVHEN Uganda.  This group services orphans and vulnerable children in the villages outside of Kampala and rural areas Mpigi, Masaka, and the districts of Rakai.  Your contributions are at work!  Thank you so much for your involvement.   We also sent dresses on Sunday to South Africa with a traveler and we have duffles leaving in January to parts of Kenya.  As they go out, they are still coming in!  Yesterday we got a package of dresses from Australia.  Carolyn Rollings wrote, “I do not profess to be a professional dressmaker but I love sewing for little ones and all mine have grown up.  Please accept this small donation from my heart.  I hope it will help.”  Thank you, Carolyn and so many others.  It does help!

We have found that the 2 gallon ziploc bags work the best as far as packing several dresses of the same size for easy distribution.  If anyone wants to send those or knows of a place that sells them at a good price, please contact me.  Thank you so much for your help!  Enjoy this gorgeous weather!

Love, Rachel

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