Notes from around here and there…even Australia!

Hi, I’m Patti’s daughter in law, Linda. Patti is now 96 years old and still does all the sewing including the buttons and her own. It gives her great joy and a purpose to her days. I send the money to help the organization. Please continue your good works. Patti.

Enclosed ia a box of 96 dresses that I just finished making for some very special girls. This process has brought me so much joy thinking of the precious girls that will receive them. Each dress is made with hope and love and it has been an amazing experiencemaking them. I spend about four hours a day making them. I like like I have found a calling to help these children in need. I am so glad to have discovered your wonderful organization and feel blessed to be able to help in my own small way.

These dresses were made as a love offering to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Chris. They were made with prayers for each of of the little darling girls who wear them. I pray for their safety and health and for a growing knowledge of Jesus. Thank you for your great organization that has helped millions of the world’s little girls. Cordially, Fran Vancouver, WA

Dear Rachel, Hi! Enclosed are the bead bracelets I promied I’d make for your girls…
My inspiration comes from Lillian Weber and her 1000th dress goal. I have a little spare time and I want to use it fruitfully and this seems an ideal cause for me to be part of…Thanks again for the opportunity that allows us to give in practical ways.
Diane, Australia

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