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Another great article; this time from Australia!

Here’s one received today from Reunion Island, which is a French island to the east of Madagascar.  Thank you, Sarah, for writing!

“Little dresses for africa has made a difference in my life since last year. I am a professional seamstress and God told me “work for me, work for me now; one day my husband showed me an article about Lilian Weber, and I was touched by her involvement. Since a few weeks, I decide to start to sewing dress one by one. I am so happy to give my potential for the needs others and for God. GOd bless you, sorry for my english.
Reunion Island “


“We are sending about 79 dresses and a check for shipping. Many people made these dresses including residents at a long term care facility with dementia. We found ways that they could be a part even if their sewing skills were gone. It was a great experience and showed us how everyone no matter their ability could help. We have wonderful dress stories of how things that happened over a century ago ended up on one of these dresses. Each dress has been dedicated to God’s glory and a little girl’s worthiness.”


“When reading these stories, a resounding theme is heard. What turned out to be an effort to make dresses for little girls, has turned into a wonderful opportunity for women (and men) all over the world, be the hands and feet of Jesus. So many opportunities to serve – to do good – to love one another – and to see all children as children of the same God – has arisen from Little Dresses for Africa. Love you sister –”


“We took over 600 “little Dresses” to Uganda in June thanks to Peg Weedman in Louisville. Every where we went they were a tremendous hit! For most girls it was the 1st new dress they ever had. Many didn’t understand that the dress was theirs forever… They thought they would have to give it back. At Miss Agnes’ orphanage we watched as 47 girls put them on over their clothes and model them for us…. It was more Joy for us than for them if that is possible. Thank you!”
Dick C. – Greensburg, PA

“I started sewing dresses immediately after Christmas after I saw a report on NBC news. I started a sewing group at my church and we now have about 400 dresses made and 75 pair of britches. There are only three girls in the group but we are enjoying our time together. My church has supported our group, both individual members and our church treasury. We expect to have over 500 dresses finished by September, at which time I plan delivering the dresses to Michigan. I will be in touch about the delivery at a later date. You ask what difference Little Dresses for Africa has made in my life. Let me tell you….. I have become addicted to sewing. I sew every day some days the entire day. I love sewing and it gives great pleasure knowing I can make a difference to girls doing what I also love. I probably receive more than I give.”
Donna D., Greensburg, PA

“After hearing about this charity I was inspired to go through all of my quilting scraps and created some “little dresses”. Then I saw fabric clearance at Joanne’s and picked up a TON more fabric for $1.00-$2.00 a yd. I made more than 60 dresses last year, all sizes. I also hit the local stores and bought all of the clearance shorts they had on the racks for like $3.00 a pair. I also bought 100 pairs of flip flops from Michaels at the end of the season for .22 cents a PAIR. I work with a lot of African immigrants in my job and my one friend was heading home to Nigeria to bring medicine to her mother. I asked her if she knew of an outreach that could/would donate all of these items. She said her cousin did just that, village outreach. After speaking with her more, I also purchased and sent 30 yards of mosquito netting and made up 50 “first aid kits” in zip lock bags containing aspirin, various bandaids and neosporin. I used those space saver bags to shrink everything down to be able to fit in one suitcase, and I gave her the $150.00 for the “extra baggage fee”. Yes you inspired me. I am a home manager for adults with special needs and don’t have much money. But what I do have is a desire to help and with the assistance of my Christian Nigerian friend, 50-60 boys and girls received a nice gift from an unknown benefactor. This is how Jesus would have wanted it. Next year I will send the same type of package with a co-worker from the Sudan.”
Sandra W., Collegeville, PA

“I recently read your story in the paper. What a great idea. I went thru my sewing box and found enough material for nine dresses and had such fun making them.”
Donna W., Sturgis, MI

“Here are several dresses for the little African girls. My 15 year old daughter and I made them together and enjoyed the experience very much. We hope they enjoy them. God Bless,”
Erin & Maureen, Novi, MI

“I first heard your story on the segment “Making a Difference” with Brian Williams on the NBC Nightly National News. I was inspired by your story and thought this was something I could help with as I’ve been a sewer for many years. I started cutting out and sewing dresses and then got sick and had to put the project on the back burner. I have regained my health and coincidentally, at the same time, saw an article about your project again – this time in the newspaper. I came across the dresses in one of my closets and will continue to finish with the dresses that I started. I’ve enclosed 8 of the dresses that are finished. I have more started and will get back to completing those and send as soon as they are finished. Keep up the great work!”
Sandi R.

“We saw “Little Dresses” on sewing with Nancy and there has been no stopping my friend Willa. Family and friends collect pillowcases, elastic, and bias tape. For the past few years, her granddaughter, Rachel, has done the cutting and puts together the bias tape and elastic. Willa and daughter, Marian, sew everything together. I help out where I can, sometimes taking pictures. We’re sending 107 dresses in 2 boxes today. Thanks for giving jus the opportunity to help out! (stuffed animals are also enclosed to be included with the dresses)

Thanks so much for doing this. Our church ladies really enjoyed working on these dresses and we all think this is a wonderful ministry.”
First Baptist Church, Friona, TX

“With so many boxes of dresses arriving you may not see this note. However, in hopes that you do, we want to thank you for your determination to help these young girls. Without doubt, God has blessed the effort in a way you never dreamed possible. Adding to that is how this porject has blessed us as well. Our Bible Study group was focused on I Colossian 1:10 “…that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and please him in every way, bearing fruit in every good work.” We realized we needed to be involved in a good work in a personal way; that’s when we found you and Little Dresses for Africa.
Thank you for inviting us to ojoin this great work for the kingdom.
With love and prayers for all that is to come,”
The Women from South Orange County, California
Valerie, Barbara, Athena, Kayann, Lillian, Peggy, Terri, Joyce, Julie and Beth

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