North Dakota Checks In…

One more little story:  I talked to a sweet woman this morning from North Dakota who told me while she was making little dresses, she was skyping with her daughter who is in Uganda.   She showed her daughter and her daughter squealed, “I saw one of those in church just last Sunday!”   They’re out there, sewers, thanks to you!!! 

Thanks, Jeanette, for passing that on.  These stories encourage me and others to keep working toward our goal.  We also heard yesterday that we have dresses going to Madagascar, which makes our 48th country in Africa.  That means only 5 to go and we will have at least sent some to every country on the Continent of Africa.  I say, let’s make 2014 the year that we can say, every single country in Africa has received at least some little dresses! 

We do receive so many beautiful dresses, but we have barely scraped the tip of the iceberg in making sure that children are clothed.  Please continue to help me get them to the children.  Also, more information coming soon about our “Sending Hope Conference in 2014”.  Some pretty exciting news will be announced soon!  Stay tuned.  Keep sewing.  Love, Rachel


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