New Pictures

Team Malawi 2015 is headed out one week from today  (March 12, 2015).  We are excited to once again be hosted by Ministry of Hope.  They are an amazing organization.  We will spend time in Mataka Village, outside of Lilongwe and celebrate the opening of a well and help lay the foundation of the new Mataka School of Hope, our second primary school.  We will go to Thobola to run a Vacation Bible School and open the Soccer field at Thobola and the Nan Ray School Of Learning.  At each place we will feed, encourage and empower the people as we are able and of course, deliver your beautiful little dresses.  The donations for projects have come in nicely and the News Herald ran a really nice article this week, for which we are very grateful.  Please know that we are so grateful for your help and it is our honor to go on your behalf to serve the people of Malawi.  There are new pictures that have come in in the picture gallery.  Enjoy and stay tuned for many more to come!  Love, Rachel

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