New number: over 26,000 dresses received!

We had a great work night on the 4th Thursday of the month as always, with a great group of high energy and hard working women showing up to size and package the 1200 dresses received this month from all over the USA and even the United Kingdom! Everyone one of them was precious and we continue to be amazed at how different they all are and how your love shows in them. We have bags ready to go with mission groups. Please contact the christian groups that you know and see if they will be willing to take these precious gifts for the children that they will be serving. After you have contacted them please have them call or write me an email and we will arrange to get them to the groups going. Other ways of distributing them are to mail them which we are happy to do if you get us some contacts. Help us spread the love by involving your churches and communities. We continue to be blessed with dresses so let’s get them to the kids. We also include “britches for boys” with each bag of dresses so put your “thinking caps on” and see who you know that can take these to the kids and agree to distribute them. Our new number after last night was over 26,000 dresses. That’s a lot of happy little girls.
I just heard from Washington, D.C. this morning that the dresses got there and will be headed to Tanzania and Uganda on Tuesday! It is always exciting to hear that they are on the way to the children.
Thank you for your help! You are making a difference in lives here and across the ocean!
Love and gratitude,

M o r e   i n f o