Ndikupita ku Malawi! August 2013

Dear Precious Volunteers of Little Dresses for Africa,

      It’s hard to believe that the time is finally here when we will leave to serve the people of Malawi.  It is my honor to lead a team of 12.  We request that your prayers continue for us as we go to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  I’ve said before that Africa is not for everyone.  It may not be your calling.  It may be something quite different.  Maybe sewing is your call.  Maybe donating materials or money or time, is your call.  Maybe spreading the word and encouraging others is your call.  Whatever it is, I know this for sure:  It takes all of us to get it done! 

    Our plan is to support the ongoing work of Ministry of Hope and Save the Widows and Orphans Foundation.  Both are located in Malawi and both will be part of our work as we go to distribute dresses, feed the hungry, repair homes, deliver Buckets of Hope, and teach hundreds and hundreds of children and adults, the story of Jesus, as we enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the “warm heart of Africa”, Malawi.  Thank you for your financial support for the trip costs and project costs.  We will be anxious upon our return to share all that you’ve helped us to accomplish.

   Please continue to remember us in your prayers.  Pray for peace and unity.  Pray for gentle and kind people to meet us along our way through the airports, the layovers, the long flights, customs and along the roads and villages once we arrive.  Please pray for our health and our safety.  Pray for our families that we leave behind to be filled with a sense of participation, as they support our desire to serve in the field, because we know that they too, serve this ministry.  We could not do it without their support and encouragement. 

Love and heartfelt gratitude,



M o r e   i n f o