Nancy Zieman interviews Rachel O’Neill

Wow! I continue to be amazed and humbled! As most of you know, Author, Blogger, TV Celebrity and Sewing Guru Nancy Zieman will be joining us at the Sending Hope Conference in Shipshewana, Indiana on August 8 & 9. The link below is the blog she wrote about the Conference and the interview that she had with me. She is amazing. I wrote her back and thanked her for announcing the conference and especially for capturing the “heart” of what we all are trying to do. It’s so cool when people “get it”. And, Nancy “gets it”!!! She has such a generous heart and I can’t wait to hear her story and have her sign my copy of “Seams Unlikely” her latest book. Bring your copy too or you can purchase one at the conference. Please register so we know how many to expect. Our speakers are amazing. IN addition to our VIP guest speaker, Nancy Zieman, we just confirmed the one and only Katie Dorband who will bring her music and her story, as well as Beth Waterman who will bring us information and personal accounts on Sex Trafficking, having just returned from the States from living in India for 8 years. We will learn how to take our lives from Success to Significance with the guidance of Jan Doughty from Arizona. The list goes on and on and you can choose what topic interests you the most as you pick your own schedule. We’ll have sewing instructions and hands on projects, gratitude journals, art projects and we can learn about Essential Oils. I promise you a great time with other women who care about the well being of the children receiving your Little Dresses. The money from this conference will pay for the shipping of these thousands and thousands of gorgeous dresses. Little girls are waiting. Please register.
Nancy’s blog is here:

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