Nagabita, Uganda

Hi Rachel, 

Hope this email finds you in good health.
Iam Oweli Fred writing on behalf of ChildReach Africa sending to you
our heavy thanks for the good kind spirit you showm by sending many
dresses to our Organization to give out to the needy children of
Uganda particularly those in Nagabita, Budimo and those from Gulu in
Northern Uganda.
Thank you very much once again to consider our Organization for this
fruitfull opportunity, and we do pray that God reward you more and
stay in service for long.
We became very happy when we received the dresses(three full boxes).
We have started the process of distribution to the needy children,
Iam sending to you one photo of me and one of the children whom the
dresses are being given called Ruth an orphan.
Many photos will come your way tomorrow because of slow ntwork system.
Greet all the workers for little dresses for Africa.

M o r e   i n f o