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Hello from sunny Florida.  Hope this box finds its way to a lot of little ones across the ocean. 

Love, Diane, Sandy and Ruth


Please find 33 dresses ranging in sizes.  We had such a good time making our dresses from donated pillow caes and yardage, realizing that they would go to girls who had very littlec hoice about what to wear.  what a privilege to pray over them and for the girls who would wear them.

Fay Hoag Cicle of the sharp Memorial UMW, Young Harris, GA

Slater United Methodist Church, Slater, South Caroline dedicated 105 pretty little dresses on Sunday, Jan 20.  Three members did the sewing and the rest contributed fabric, ribbon, trim, rickrack, elastic, buttons and money.  Each dress is different and unique as is every girl that will receive one…


Thank you for all the work you do.  I amhoping these little dresses bring some joy to some very special girls

Phyllis, Spokane, WA


…The check is my personal gift to offset shipping costs.  I love what you are doing…



Hi,  My name is Connie….I made these dresses for a school project and I have finally finished my goal of 50. …  I thoroughly enjoyed this whole project and I hope that my dresses will be given to girls in need in the near future.

Dear Mrs. O’Neill

Two years ago I saw an article in the Kalamozoo Gazette about your organization.  Just this winter I have decided to make this my project for cold days.  I hope these dresses meet your standards.  I have enjoyed making them and thinking about the little girls who will enjoy them.

Nancy, Michigan


I retired recently and thought the idea of making these dresses would help me dust off my very basic sewing skills and use some of the fabric I have collected over the years.  Hope the enclosed can help in a small way with postage.  God bless you all and this ministry.

Jeanne, Kentucky

We are excited to mail our first box of dresses and shorts for 2013…This makes us over 1750 pieces all total.  Not that we are boasting, but very honored that God has given us the ability to do this, just us 2 ladies.  We enjoy doing this so much and will continue as long as we feel needed.  Praise the Lord for this ministry.  Thanks to all who participate in it.

Bobbie and  Kitty, Blenheim, SC


How glad I am that waht I perceived as a serendipitous whim of persuing the internet led me to your website.  I am able to put my love of sewing, my love of turning old into new and now my reaching a needy world all together!


Please accept them and may God continue to bless you with your efforts in helping these chldren!

Karla, Joliet, IL


We trust these garments will empower the recipients to feel good about their feminity for as long as they may live,

Marian & Kaye, California

These pillowcases dresses were made with love by 7 girls as a part of an American Heritage Girls Troop 521.  We completed our sewing badge on this project.  Thank you so much for all you do.  It was a wonderful learning experience for this group of 4th graders.



These dresses were made by 8th grade Home and Careers class for your organization.  Thank you for what you are doing.  One person can make such a difference.

Emma, Marcellus, NY









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