Merry Christmas!

I hope that the hustle and bustle of the season reminds you of the rich blessings of this country.  As you scurry around finding all the right gifts for the ones you love, please remember that we are blessed so that we can bless others!  I want to thank you for all the help that you have been to Little Dresses for Africa year after year.  As it grows, I continue to be humbled by your generosity and hard work for the children. 

We have learned a lot as we go.  We now package the dresses (and shorts) in 2 gallon ziplog bags and put 10-15 of the same size in each bag.  This makes it very easy as we are packaging the boxes to be mailed as well as loading the duffle bags for mission groups to take.  As you getting your dresses ready to send, if you want to size them first, it is a great help.  The measurements are on the pattern page.  Thank you in advance for helping the packaging team with that effort!

I just got a call last Friday from Louisville, KY.  The Southeast Christian Church had delivered dresses to Sudan.  They tell me pictures will be coming soon.  They reported that the dresses were received with awe and joy.  They found in Sudan that many, many of the girls were wearing nothing at all.  To find them in tattered clothing is difficult enough, but to find them wearing nothing at all, confirms my belief and obviously yours as well, that we are doing a mighty service here. 

As you count your blessings this Christmas season, please remember these children and their care givers.  Pray that our boxes get to them.  Pray that they are blessed by the gifts and dresses.  Pray for rain in this their rainy season so that they will have food.  And please continue to pass the word on to others who might like to get involved. 

Once again, Merry Christmas and may God continue to bless your generosity. 

Love, Rachel

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