Merry 2015 Christmas!

Michael O

Michael O’Neill

Christmas is almost here. It’s different this year for my family.  My husband, my greatest helper and hardest working LDFA volunteer has just returned home from the hospital having had hip replacement.  This year it’s real easy to count my blessings but when I list them, the top of the list all start with Michael.  I thought I knew how much he did for our organization but while he’s on the recovery road I am finding out first hand!  Every day we receive 20-30 boxes at our doorstep from all of you.  Sometimes we receive many more than that.  The phone rings around the clock.  I look at the caller ID and say something like, “Idaho”… and he nods and says, “answer it.”  If I am available, I answer it and he waits while I talk to you.  We work at the Love Shack.  We have people stop by.  It’s 100% of our life and he supports it so completely.  So, today, I count my top blessing as Michael, my greatest volunteer.

The BIG DINNER 11.12.16

The BIG DINNER 11.12.16

We have SO many exciting things coming up!  We are revving up for a super duper fund raiser this year.  You will be receiving your postcard by mail or email during the holidays for THE BIG DINNER.  It’s time to start now to plan the biggest event of the year, and of this organization.  We will be having simultaneous dinner parties across the world on 11.12.16.  November 12, 2016.  They will be small.  They will be medium.  They will be large. And they will be hosted by YOU and your group!  They can be spaghetti dinners for $5. selling potholders to raise money, or elaborate catered filet mignon dinners with silent auctions with vacation destinations.  It’s up to you.  The money raised will go to LDFA to transform TWELVE VILLAGES in a single night.  We will raise enough money for 12 village to receive a well, clean water saves lives immediately.  They will receive a primary school, education changes tomorrow. And they will receive a community building, which will sustain the community by providing a place to meet, to make decisions, to worship, and to hold the community together for tomorrow.  These 3 things for Twelve Villages!  How can we not do this right????  We have 7 states signed up and maybe a country or two so far.  I want them all!  Not for me.  Not for you.  For the children and people!  Can you imagine how these 3 simple structures will send tangible hope for our friends?  Little Dresses for Africa is committed to following through on this goal and excited to see how God delivers it.  We have people in place.  We have already built 2 schools, sent 4 containers and put in 6 wells.  We can do this.  But at this level, we need your help.  $60,000  for each Village will change the future.  Sign up today, please and January 2016 you will receive a password to the HOST BIG DINNER webpage with downloadable tickets, posters, graphics, emails and ideas to help you make this happen.  I will be sending each group a personalized video to play for your group the night of the party and we are working on a plan to connect as many people by simulcast if possible.  Across the nation!  I am so excited! Go ahead and register here even if you’re unsure.  Let God work out the details!

Another HUGE and I mean HUGE blessing is our LDFA song SEND DOWN.  This profound song written by Erik Grant Bennett, acclaimed song writer from Atlanta, Georgia, has been written to be a blessing for Little Dresses for Africa.  You will be hearing it on the new video being released early 2016, as well as at the BIG DINNER parties 11.12.16 and undoubtedly on the radio.  There is no other way to describe it except as a love song to Africa.  It conveys my heart, and most likely your heart as well, in such an amazing way that you will not only fall in love with the song, but with the mission of LDFA.  Although dresses aren’t mentioned specifically, you will feel the love that is expressed as we continue to tell the story of Jesus as he sends down his blessings so that we can bless others.  It will be available on ITunes for download as well as a hard copy at a very reasonable price and the artist has donated a very generous portion to help raise money for Little Dresses for Africa.  I am asking that EACH of you download this tune, buy this CD, buy it for others, send it as gifts and to help spread the message of what we are called to do.  Everyone wins and you will love it.  Details will follow but trust me, you will want this.  A huge thank you for your heart and for using your talent for amazing good, Erik!

So, take a deep breath, let it out slowly and relax into the season.  There is still so much good out there and we are all tapping into it by staying strong and helping others.  I couldn’t do it without you and I am humbled to be on this journey with you.  I love each of you and I really mean it.

Merry Christmas,




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