McGee School Middle School Makes a Difference

McGee Middle Schools sent a donation and some really nice words from the students.  One of the students, Emma, saw the program on the nightly news and approached her teacher with a desire to support the cause.  Five students joined the project and completed the dresses and shorts by working together after school one day a week.  Here are a couple of their comments:

“Little Dresses for Africa was a life changing experience for me.  It was so great knowing I could use my skills to help people who needed help.  I felt so good knowing that the dresses I made would make such a big difference in someone’s life.”  Emma A

“It felt so awesome knowing that these dresses and shorts made from scratch went to a good cause.  I never knew that the children and women in Africa were in desperate need of clothing.  Every good deed counts especially this one.  Iloved being part of this activity and using my sewing skills.  I hope you enjoy the dresses and britches.”  Liv H.

“It felt good knowing that I was making dresses and britches for people who are not as fortunate as we are to have many clothing items.  I know I was making somene’s day better by sewing these beautiful dresses.  I had a good feeling in my heart.”  Val S.

Thank you Gail, for helping these girls make a difference for other girls!

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