May 15, 2013

Hello!  Hope all is well with all of you!  Things are going great with Little Dresses for Africa.  We are picking up steam for our August trip to Malawi.  Things are falling into place.  I want to thank all of you who have sent in sponsorship forms for the Sock Hop on June 15, whether you can be there or not.  It means the world to us and will change the lives of countless of people in Malawi. 

The money raised from the Sock Hop will go directly toward our projects and they are so awesome this year.  We will be delivering Buckets of Hope ($20/each) to widows and child-headed families, visiting and encouraging those suffering from AIDS.  These buckets contain oil, salt, sugar, rice, a mosquito net and a Bible in Chechewa.  You are welcome to sponsor as many as you can afford.  We’d like to deliver 200.  We are also working with the children in the villages, teaching, and encouraging and distributing thousands of dresses and shorts.  We are also very excited about showing the “Jesus” film this year at twilight.  This will be a major trip to a lot of communities.  Manyhave never seen a film before and what a film to start with.  To God be the glory! 

We will also be celebrating the opening of  “A Well for Janet” in Kachimanga.  The funds have been secured and Clean Water for Malawi will start digging this week.  We will celebrate with the community and use this opportunity to teach about sanitation,  clean water and how to avoid places that develop standing water to avoid the multiplying of  disease carrying mosquitos.   This is our first well and we are so excited.  Thanks so much to all of you who helped make it happen.  Our second location is farther south and we’ll keep you posted.  If you’d like to get involved, let me know.

We have 4 guys going with us this year and we plan to work them!  Our “We’ve got it covered!” project will concentrate on repairing huts ($75/each) and replacing the roofs.  Again, sponsorships are welcome under the “donate” tab.  We are concentrating on repairs for widows and child-headed families.

There is no end to what can be accomplished when we join together.  We have the amazing invitation to meet with the President of Malawi while we are in country, Her Excellency Joyce Banda.  We are honored and humbled by the opportunity and pray that great things will be accomplished through this friendship.

Please pray for the team and if there is anything you’d like to sponsor specifically, just let me know.  God bless!



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