Making A Difference

        Because girl orphans are among the most devalued and abused in their culture, and face such oppression, it is the mission of Little Dresses for Africa to plant in the hearts of these little girls that they are worthy.  It is reported that girls wearing a new little dress are much less likely to be abducted, abused or molested because the new little dress shows that someone cares about them.  AND WE DO! And we know you care, too!

We ‘re not just sending little dresses – we ‘re sending HOPE!  


10 Ways You Can Make a Difference…

1. Spread the word. Go to our Pillow Case Pattern page, print the pattern and pass it on to someone.

2. Donate new or gently used pillow cases or sewing materials such as double bias tape or 1/2 inch elastic, thread or material to Little Dresses for Africa.

3. Start a sewing group making little dresses for little girls and Britches for Boys or be part of the “Dignity” Program, which sews washable sani-panti’s to help girls stay in school by helping them to manage their periods.

4. Give your time and talent!  Join the volunteers at LDFA at 17830 Telegraph, Brownstown, MI at the LOVE SHACK on the 2nd and 4th Thursday nights at 7pm to open, sort and size the dresses that arrive and ready them for shipping. Small groups or community Service groups are also welcome!

5. Donate financially to Little Dresses for Africa to cover costs shipping  or to sponsor one of the on-going projects such as Buckets of Hope, “Send the Light” with a $7.00 Bible.

6. Set up a recurring Gift.  If you can’t give $100 now, consider setting up a monthly gift of $5, $10 or 20 dollars. We love monthly gifts because it’s money we can budget and plan on.

7. Get a Matching Gift.  Many employers match some or all of an employee’s donation of financial or work hours given to charitable organizations. Check with your human resources department to see if your company provides a matching contribution.

8. Sell instead of donate.  Organize a garage sale or sell items on line and advertise the money will be donated to Little Dresses for Africa.  You’ll be delighted to see how generous people are.  Sometimes selling items for cash is easier for organizations who, like us, don’t have the space to store items.

9. Create a “Bucket of Generosity”. Open a bank account for charitable donations. If you set aside even a small amount each time you get paid, you will be able to support specific projects as they arise or help send someone who is unable on a mission trip.

10. Contact us to book a Speaker or  give a speech in your church or community to get others involved. Materials, DVDs, handouts are available to print under “printables” or request a DVD.

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