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Donate to General Shipping costs, Clean Water, Education or Buckets of Hope! Our job is not complete until the dresses are on the backs of the little girls who need them desperately.

Lillian Weber Shipping FundAll donations received will go directly to the project you select.  Many have asked about how to honor the work that Lillian and those like her have completed for the children.  Lillian is our “sewing celebrity” who has a goal to sew 1000 dresses by her 100th birthday.  Her family has asked that we set up a shipping fund for any donations made in her honor, to ship not only her dresses but as many as possible. We are grateful for Lillian and we are grateful for YOU!  Thanks for your help in getting these dresses on the little girls! To donate to the Lillian Weber Shipping Fund, click the donate button…  Or donate below to your favorite project! Thank you!

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Did you know…?

A box of 100 dresses to Africa is approximately $145. Domestic boxes for mission teams taking them average $40 each. That’s a lot of money but they are well worth it to honor these children. We send them with mission teams, mail them and take them ourselves. It is through your generous donations that Little Dresses for Africa is able to pay for the supplies and shipping of the little dresses to Africa. Our job is not complete until we get these dresses on the backs of these little children! Thank you for sending hope to the kids.

Our Current Projects…

Buckets of Hope $20/each

Other projects such as Buckets of Hope, Bibles, and education are also supported by your donations when indicated by you. Help us get these items to the kids. Little Dresses for Africa is a non-profit organization. 100% of your donations go to the children of Africa. Thank you SO much for your help! “We’re not just sending dresses, we’re sending hope.”

Clean Water 2015 for the Villages: Each well $4,000 serves over 3000 people.   Clean water saves lives:

We are currently in the process of raising money for clean water at the Villages of Malawi, Africa.  Clean water in each location will serve over 3000 people.  Clean water saves lives.


Our next Primary School will be in the Village of Mataka.  Much like the first primary school we built, a simple structure will give children an opportunity to receive a primary completion certificate to make it possible to continue to secondary school.  With a ratio of 90 students to every one teacher, schools are desperately needed.  Donate to the future with a gift that continues to give for years to come!

LDFA Coloring Books:

“How to Stay Strong”  Sponsor a beautiful coloring book, featuring the children in little dresses and britches for boys, as they teach lessons on clean water, sanitation, hygiene and how to stay strong.  Each book costs us $1.00.  We will take as many as you send!  Thank you!