LOVE this one from New Mexico!


My husband and I are delighted to donate the dresses enclosed to this wonderful work in Jesus’  name.  Also please find a check enclosed to help in whatever way you deem necessary.  Today I went to your website after some months and was delighted to read about the successes of your sprint 2012 trip to Malawi.  We are amazed at the scope ofthe work, including filling and shipping a 40-ft container, Bibles, food, and other necessities!  God is so good to have made the road smooth for all of your efforts!

It is very exciting for us to support his ministry through sewing and embroidering and in donating funds to help with the many aspects of this ministry.

Although, we may not meet you on this side of Heaven, I am looking forward to meeting all of you in Eternity along with meeting all the wonderful little children and adults who have been blessed by this ministry!  Isn’t God wonderful to have accomplished so much with so many people doing what they can?

We look forward to continuing to help and support all that you are doing in Jesus’ name

Your brother and sister in Christ,

Dan and Erin

San Lorenzo, NM

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