LOTS going on! JOIN us!!!

Happy May Day!  There is so much going on and we are excited as our plans come together for our August 2013 trip to Malawi.  I am delighted to say that the money for the well as been raised.  If we continue to receive more, we will dig more!  Don’t be afraid to continue giving if clean water is your passion.  There is a great need in Africa.  We plan a day of celebration with the team in August as we open the well and give the gift that keeps on giving:  clean water!  Thank you so much!

Also, we will be working with Ministry of Hope and distributing our “Buckets of Hope” to widows and child-headed families.  You are encouraged to sponsor a Bucket for $20. which contains oil, salt, sugar,rice, soap, mosquito net and a Bible in their own language.  We go and distribute them and sing and pray and encourage these families in the name of Jesus. 

The Bibles that are included in the buckets are financed separately for $7. each.  We’d like to buy 200 if possible.  These are also available for sponsorship.  Buy as many as you want and we promise to buy them and distribute them to the most needy.

Another really necessary project is “We Got It Covered”.  We will be repairing the roofs of the homes with local grasses, poles and wire.  Our focus will be widows and children who have no one else to help them.  Each hut will cost $75/each to repair and our team will be taught and work with the locals to do as many as we can finance.  This is an exciting project and very necessary.  As we cover their homes, we will also cover them in prayer.  Join us if you can by sponsoring a home @ $75/each.

We will also be teaching Bible lessons, which have already been bought and paid for by a generous sponsor and doing crafts with the children.  It’s a wonderful time in the villages as we feed the children and sing and play and let the children be children as we plant the seeds of Jesus.  I can’t wait!

All of these projects can be sponsored with your tax deductible donations on line or by sending a check to:

LDFA:   24614 Curtis Drive, Brownstown, MI 48134.  Be sure to indicate which project you are sponsoring and we will be diligent and applying those funds specifically to your donation.  LDFA is a 501c3 non profit organization.

These and funds raised from our Sock Hop June 15 will be used for these and other projects as well as continuing to send thousands of dresses and britches each week to those that have rquested them.  We have sent close to 2 million items now to 46 counties of Africa and other countries in need.  Look at FAQS for a complete listing of the countries.  We are still looking for Algeria, Angola, Comoros, Eqypt, Equatorial Guiea and Ertrea, Madagascar, Mauritius, Morocco, and Tunisia to have ALL of the countres of Africa.  If you know a mission group in those countries, let us know and we will send them dreses.  How cool would it be to say that we have spread the love of Jesus to ALL countries of Africa.  To God be the Glory!!!

Thank you for your help!

Love and sincere gratitude,



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