Little Dresses Head For Haiti!

I realize that we are sending dresses to Africa, but I hope I have your support that when there is a national disaster ,such as the one experienced recently in Haiti, because all of these children are GOD’S children.  We got a call from a group that had collected dresses for us and they wanted to donate them to the Haiti relief.  They called to make sure we supported them going there instead of Africa.  I had to say “yes” and hope that you agree.  We have been so blessed with your generosity that I felt convicted to share them with the children in Haiti who are hurt, hungry and naked.  How awesome that we were prepared to make them available immediately! We were able to get dresses, shorts, and flip flops, in a container headed there yesterday and the shipping costs were covered by disaster funds so I want you to know your work continues to bless others.

Eleanor Bielenda works toward 1000 dresses

Eleanor Bielenda works toward 1000 dresses


Ellen Wright and Women

Ellen Wright and Women's Club sews dresses

Another group came by my office on Friday with 600 dresses made by their Women’s group.  Ellen brought them by and just made my day.  Not only are they beautiful and plentiful, but they were already sized and packaged.  Thank you so much to all of you.  Special thanks to Eleanor Bielenda who is fast approaching her personal goal to make 1000 dresses herself.  Thank you so much to this group and so many of you who continue to make this ministry a success. 


I was honored to share the Little Dresses for Africa story at my home congregation, Metro South Church, yesterday.  What a great day it was to feel the love and excitement as we join together to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Pastor J at Metro SouthPastor J at Metro South
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