“Little Britches” for boys needed, too!

        I wanted to let you all know that the boxes continue to go out to the children and the confirmations come in that they are received.  I am so grateful to all of you for the dedication to show to this mission.  You are amazing.  I am receiving more and more requests for the little boys to be included.  If any of you have a heart to make some “little britches” keep in mind, any size, any material, and any pattern, is fine.  Try to keep it simple.  I will get them to the boys and continue to send the dresses to the little girls.  Thank you in advance.



Gina's sewing room


Gina makes a pretty reminder

Gina makes a pretty reminder

       I got a neat note today from Gina who said she embroidered “Little Dresses for Africa” on a little dress and hung it up in her sewing room to remind herself to keep working for these little girls.  That is a smart and innovative way to keep the “fire burning” for these little ones. 

         We are getting some great response and interest from the “Sewing With Nancy” segment now showing on Public TV.  Also, we are listed on the Kalahari Waterpark Resorts page and hearing from a lot of people who want to get involved.  Another incredible way to know that God provides, just last week I got an anonymous note from someone, with no return address, no address on the check, but the amount was $500!  That will send 5 boxes to most parts of Africa.  Thank you to the angels out there that contribute financially.  It takes all of us to get this done!  We are making a difference…one little dress at a time!  God bless and thank you.



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