Kenya receives dresses

The clothes were very well received! All of the children LOVED them! I passed them most of them out on Saturday since the kids did not have school. I had another director, Madie, finish passing them out on Sunday, since I was leaving to go to Pokot early in the morning. I asked Madie to take a picture of all of the kids wearing the clothing with the poster they made. She is now the person taking over the role of the farm here in Nakuru. She has been working actively with a few of our older boys to see that the necessary work gets done.  Thank you! Lisa


Attached are 2 photos with the girls of International Humanity Foundation (IHF)  Kenya, wearing the dresses from LDFA.  They have done a poster to express their thanks to you.  Please note that your name was spelled out in 2 lines …:-)
You and your ladies have brightened the days and bring a lovely smile to these children.  Much blessings to you and yours! 
Be Well


M o r e   i n f o