Italy is going strong with LDFA!

I am so happy to report that our Italian branch of LDFA is doing great.  Dresses are coming in and we have a wonderful partner who is collecting the dresses and packing them up for shipping to addresses that we supply or groups that she has confirmed herself that are in need.  We are so grateful for Sabrina Coccoloni  and so delighted to now have a global effort to get everyone involved.  Her address is Viale a Rosa del Tirreno 19 57127 Livorno, Italy and you are welcome to contact her through her facebook page GROUP on Facebook: Little Dresses for Africa Italia cuciamo.  Also keep in mind we also have dedicated volunteer Laura Cameron in Scotland for the UK sewers.  This is a wonderful thing to be united across the oceans!  Thank you to all of you.  Anyone ready to collect dresses in Australia?  We have MANY people asking in that area.  Thanks and love, Rachel

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