International Contact Now in the UK!

I’d like to introduce you to Laura. Laura lives in the UK and is now officially our international contact for those of you inthe UK who want to sew for Little Dresses for Africa. It has seemed silly to us to have you post dresses to us in the USA and then back again to Africa so we have finally made a connection that makes sense. Laura will be collecting little dresses sewn in the UK and sending them directly to addresses that I have validated and supply her with. I will work closely with Laura to help her raise money for shipping costs and make sure they get to the children that need them most. I am very grateful for her willingness to put herself out this way as we get a lot of requests from people in the UK who would like to be involved. Contact me at if you have dresses for her and I’ll put you in touch with her. Thank you so much, Laura and welcome to the team!!! Love, Rachel

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