Don’t Forget Your Self-addressed Envelopes!

If you would like to have a response that your dresses were received, please include a self-addressed, preferably stamped, envelope.  I will do my very best to get them out as quickly as possible.  I want you to know that I am serious about wishing I could write each person that takes the time and more importantly the love, to volunteer for this ministry and sew for these children.  I used to be able to, but because of the overwhelming response to this project and the overwhelming need to get them TO the children, I just can’t anymore.  Please forgive me in advance if I offend you.  No part of me intends to.  Please forgive any delay in a response and PLEASE include an envelope if you want a response.  While I’m at it, forgive me also, for not being able to tell you exactly where your dresses go.  When they are received, we sort them by size and package them to be sent out as the needs are identified.  Some of your dresses are lucky enough to go to several countries, not just all together to one place.  Please know that your love is being shared all over the Continent of Africa.  God bless your good works!  Love, Rachel

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