How to Get Started

Quick answers:  Yes, we are still going strong.  There’s no deadline.The dresses go out every week.  Although we have sent more than 6 million, we will not run out of children that need your dresses.

Before sending: Group the dresses by size (small, medium and large) and enclose a self-addressed envelope so we can let you know when they arrive (please do not request a signature at delivery!)

Elastic is stronger in the casing but if you use STRONG ribbon, be sure to tack it down so it stays in the casing and doesn’t come out! And please, no straight pins!

There’s a perfect job JUST for YOU!    

Sew independently or start your own group.
Donate financially to shipping costs or specify which project you would like to support: Clean water, Primary Education and Community.
Spread the word, blog it, post it, share it.

Become a LDFA Ambassador by taking them with your mission team.  We are happy to mail them to your teams to take for distribution.
Contact Us to order dresses, shorts and sani-pani’s  for your missionteam to distribute.

Check the FAQ for more answers!

How do they get there?

1.  Sent with mission teams    2.  Mailed directly to verified organizations  3.  We take them personally

REMEMBER, our job is not complete until these little dresses are actually on the little girls that need them so desperately. This is an ongoing project and we send them every week. We are not going to run out of kids, so please jump in and help us by sewing or donating!  Recurrent donations also available!

How much does it cost to send them?

It costs an average of $2.00/dress to get the dresses to the children. Although it is not required,  any amount you can send for shipping costs is very much appreciated.   Thank you in advance for your help! Because we are a 501c3, your donations are tax-deductible.

      Pillow case pattern can be downloaded below, or use any simple pattern. We also need boys shorts desperately.  Click here for pillow case dress directions.   To confirm your dresses were received, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

What about pictures of my dresses on the little girls?

      Check the gallery for pictures! Due to the amazing response, we can’t promise specific pictures of your dress, but maybe you’ll get lucky and spot your little dress in a picture on a precious little girl! Either way, trust me, they need and love them!  Thank you so much for your help!

 Finished items and financial donations for shipping can be sent to:

24614 Curtis Drive, Brownstown, MI 48134

or donate online

Making a difference, here and across the ocean, one little dress at a time!

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